Friday, March 29, 2013

I swear this post has a point - TEASER!

How many random blog posts am I allowed to write in one day?? Are there rules?? Guidelines?? Does this mornings post even count since it was done at 2am?? Or is it like the equivalent to bunch??  Would it be called a yoday post?? Yesterday+Today= Yoday! It'll catch on, don't dismiss it so easily!  I'll walk on the wild side of blogging and write two, possibly three. I guess my next question should be: How many blog posts can I post in a day before blogging becomes an addiction??

At least with this blog post I come with a teaser from my newest WIP, At The Edge of Darkness, that I hope to have a cover for VERY soon!! I also had a release date, but I figured out after my long day of no writing yesterday, that I don't write well when I am worried about deadlines, so for now - At The Edge will be released when I am done, and not a minute sooner! Mostly because a minute sooner, well it wouldn't be done...

So here is a teaser: BTW I'm kind of completely in LOVE with Ryland!

My face was only a few inches from hers, but I couldn’t see her expression through her sunglasses. I braced my hand next to her head, and leaned in close. So close that I could feel the warmth from her body, and the erratic beat of her heart. So close to her that I could feel the hum I was creating within her body, and the way her soft curves teased me. So close, but not nearly close enough.
I traced my thumb over her bottom lip, and she sucked in a sharp breath.
“Why do you where these glasses?” I traced her cheek below the rim of the lens. “Who are you hiding from?”
“I’m not hiding from anyone.”


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