Wednesday, June 29, 2011

& just like that....a chapter was born

So I had a BIG break through in my first chapter yesterday, yes I know I'm still only on the first chapter, but in my defense I do still have until the 1st of July to actually start showing extreme progress. I was really stuck on how I wanted to start the chapter & that had a lot to do with my lack of motivation. So how did I get out of my funk?? Well I was looking up more interesting fact about my subject and I came across something I found VERY interesting & just like that I knew how I was going to start. Once I have that motivation it's all down hill from here...or at least until I hit my next bump. Which I'm hoping won't be for a while.

I am super busy this week, I have a little surprised planned for my bestie & I'm super excited about it. I'm not very good at surprises, especially the ones that I know are going to be really good. I'm a very impatient person, which let me tell you, is not very becoming on me. Oh well, less then 2 days, I will be with my bestie for her birthday. I can not wait.

Monday, June 27, 2011

random monday

I find it extremely alarming that in ANY state, but especially Arizona, you have to remind people not to leave your kids in your car. It's 11am and its already 112, our high being 114 for today. Therefore we have to remind people not to bake your kids, which has happened here in Arizona quite a few times. I personally have 2 daughters and I don't think there has ever been a time where I could have possibly NOT noticed having two monkeys attached to my legs. It's sad really.

This awesome (and I use that word sarcastically) weather is something we got to look forward to this past weekend. We decided to go to the lake again and I can't even begin to explain what a monumental disaster that was. The kids did surprisingly well, we got some good sized fish, but it was really hard to enjoy. I managed to stay dehydrated through out the day and right up until an hour before we left. By then my head was pounding and I was feeling pretty nauseous. I probably sweat about 5 lbs worth of water weight away, but believe me, that was the ONLY plus side to the heat. My night ended with a horrible headache that last until the next day. I managed to sleep my Sunday away...literally. Never again I tell you.

So I'm bringing out my old desk and making me a 'writing room', which requires me to go through a lot of totes and storage stuff, something I am NOT looking forward to doing. I have given myself until July 1st to get all my thoughts in order so I can begin 9-14 hours a day of non-stop writing. Wish me luck on that one. I'd like to have the first book in this series done by Aug. So I can focus on getting my daughter ready for school and then pick up with the second book after she starts. That's my goal. I don't think its completely unrealistic, but we shall see how I do.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

easier said then done...

So creating my own myths and legends is a lot harder then I thought it would be. The motivation is there, but my creativity seems to be lacking =/ I know once I get passed this part, it will come together perfectly. Right now would be a good time to have the help from someone else, bouncing around ideas would be nice. Back to the drawing board I go....
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sky rockets in flight....

I'm on a total high right now & my imagination is at work overload!! I just came up with two very good ideas for two separate stories. It's all a jumbled mess in my head at the moment and I'm shooting out ideas a mile a min, so I'm hoping I can write them all down before I forget them. I'm extremely excited right now & can't wait to get started :)))

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blogging Debut...ta, ta, da!!

Who would have know that the hardest part of setting up my new blog would be my URL!! Everything about my name seems to scream 'been there, done that' according to the URL generator. Blah. I thought of going by an alias, for many reason actually, but discarded that idea almost instantly. I want my readers to know MY name, not my alter ego. So alas I came up with melissaandrea-justlikethat. Not to toot my own horn, but I think it's pretty catchy.

I plan on using this blog to update, as of now myself only, about my current projects I'm writing. I'm hoping this will keep me motivated & I feel the need to give Amanda Hocking (an author I just recently fell in love with) a shout out, because I borrowed this genius idea from her. See what I did there :))

My current writing adventure is a simple romance, I think I'm going toward the YA genre, but I do plan to do adult books as well. At some point in time. I think for now though that I am going to stick with romance & urban fantasy, its kind of struck my fancy. I do like the supernatural storytelling, but I think I am going to stay away from vampires for now. If I ever did write about vampires I would want them to sparkle just like Edward Cullen, but I'm not sure how well that would sit with Stephenie Meyers. So for now I am going to stay far away from that category for as long as I possibly can.

I think for a first post this was as good as any, now its time for me to actually stop talking about writing & to actually write.

& just like that, my blog was born.