Tuesday, October 4, 2011

we interrupt this program for late breaking news...

Grrrr, I hate that I am not very Blog savvy & I kind of messed it up, but on the bright side that's what my husband is for...among other things! So for now it will have to stay a mess until he gets home & can rescue his computer damsel in distress.

So Shimmer, which by the way is the new title of what was once Tamed, should be out probably at the end of next month & I am super excited about that!! If you haven't already heard, my book will have a small insert in Shelly Cranes new series Devour, which is turning out to be great!! So look for that next month as well.

Working on the cover & should hopefully have that done by the end of this weekend. I was hoping to have it done by the very talented Claudia at Phatpuppy Art, but I'm going to have a go at it myself, but hope to use her for the second book in my series. She is very talented & you find her on Facebook or her website at www.phatpuppyart.com check her out blog peeps.

I am helping a friend this weekend on a wedding so I wont get much writing done on Saturday, which I am actually really sad about, but I can't cancel now. So I will do it & hope it goes by fast so I can call it a late night when I get home with finishing up a chapter or two or pass out haha.

That is all of my breaking news for now, please stand by...

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