Friday, September 23, 2011

up, up & away!

SO I thought I would get in one quick post before I am off for the weekend!

My 5 year anniversary (7yrs total) was yesterday & we are celebrating it by getting away for the weekend! Going to go up to the lake & enjoy the cool weather while we escape the triple digits that will be attacking mesa this weekend. Suckas! I know that was uncool, but true.

Making great progress on the book & I have no doubts that I will have it published by January, eep! Sent a couple of chapters off to a few betas this weekend & I am hoping to have some good feed back this weekend (fingers crossed!) I also might have some exciting news about my book, but I wont know if that is for sure until later this week, but again FINGERS CROSSED!

Going to enjoy my electronic free weekend & soak up a little sun & relax with my hubby. Tootles!

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