Monday, June 27, 2011

random monday

I find it extremely alarming that in ANY state, but especially Arizona, you have to remind people not to leave your kids in your car. It's 11am and its already 112, our high being 114 for today. Therefore we have to remind people not to bake your kids, which has happened here in Arizona quite a few times. I personally have 2 daughters and I don't think there has ever been a time where I could have possibly NOT noticed having two monkeys attached to my legs. It's sad really.

This awesome (and I use that word sarcastically) weather is something we got to look forward to this past weekend. We decided to go to the lake again and I can't even begin to explain what a monumental disaster that was. The kids did surprisingly well, we got some good sized fish, but it was really hard to enjoy. I managed to stay dehydrated through out the day and right up until an hour before we left. By then my head was pounding and I was feeling pretty nauseous. I probably sweat about 5 lbs worth of water weight away, but believe me, that was the ONLY plus side to the heat. My night ended with a horrible headache that last until the next day. I managed to sleep my Sunday away...literally. Never again I tell you.

So I'm bringing out my old desk and making me a 'writing room', which requires me to go through a lot of totes and storage stuff, something I am NOT looking forward to doing. I have given myself until July 1st to get all my thoughts in order so I can begin 9-14 hours a day of non-stop writing. Wish me luck on that one. I'd like to have the first book in this series done by Aug. So I can focus on getting my daughter ready for school and then pick up with the second book after she starts. That's my goal. I don't think its completely unrealistic, but we shall see how I do.

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