Thursday, August 2, 2012

a new book is born!

So I'm lying in bed last night, playing around on my phone and all of a sudden there is a conversation going on inside my head and then I'm instantly hit with a new book idea!

So today as I am trying to wrap up this chapter in Flutter, I keep hearing the voices and the the first scene in the Chapter for the new book idea start playing itself out in my and I can't keep it quite no matter how hard I try. So I pull up a new page in word and just start writing it out and before I know it I've written 5 pages and I'm still going.

Probably going to write a little more of this WIP and then finish working on Flutter again tomorrow. Not sure where exactly this is going to go, but I have a general idea and I'm kind of excited!

Here is just a little bit of the scene I wrote today - Enjoy!

“Don’t get any ideas. I’m still very deadly without the beast here.”
I put my hands back up and together behind my head, tangling them through the dark strands of my hair. “I come in peace.”
“People who come in peace usually use the front door. They do not try to scale my back wall.” I heard the dirt shift below her weight and realized she had taken a step closer to me. Turning my head I tried to grab another peek at her, but she was still not in line of my view.
“Wait, you mean this isn’t the front door?” I heard the ground shift again and I knew she had taken another step closer.
She had let me distract her and that was her first mistake.
Her second mistake: getting close to me.

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